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  • GLBA School Year with Largest Enrollment Yet  




    GLBA Starts School Year with Largest Enrollment Yet

    September 12, 2015

    GLBA opened its doors in 1999 with just over 40 students. With little to no advertising, GLBA has continued to expand and grow, and we have seen many families enroll students in our school based on word-of-mouth from current families. GLBA has slowly and steadily grown since its founding, but in the last 3 years it has grown at a faster rate than ever before in school history. This 2015 - 2016 academic school year marks the first time GLBA has opened the academic year with an enrollment over 100 students in the 1st - 12th grades. Our current enrollment is 108 students.

    Despite our recent growth, GLBA remains committed to providing a "small feel" environment that still puts the focus on the individual.


    GLBA's vision is "to provide a quality, Christ-centered education through excellence in academics and personal, Christian character development." GLBA seeks to produce individuals of high moral character that are equipped with the knowledge to make a difference in our world. GLBA desires to inspire students to use their God-given talents to demonstrate what it means to well-rounded, balanced, and impactful.


    High School Goes Google!


    High School Goes Google!

    August 29, 2015

    GLBA is happy to announce that our high schoolers are going Google...Google Classroom that is. Google Classroom is cloud-based technology that allows teachers and students to interact in a digital way. Students can see assignments online and respond to assignments with documents, projects, and even questions. Teachers can grade assignments and return them to students instantly providing a comprehensive method to keep students engaged and informed.

    GLBA already began executing our plan of having 20+ more laptop computers for use by our students. GLBAl started this 2015-2016 academic year with 15 in place already  and will meet the rest of the goal by next academic year.

  • GLBA with Another Successful Fine Arts Convention  

    GLBA with Another Successful Fine Arts Convention

    March 30, 2016

    The middle and high school students of GLBA participate every year in a multi-state Fine Arts Convention. Preparation for this event encompasses a full semester and provides the bulk of hands-on Fine Arts involvement. This event is a multi-state Convention allows competition in over 70 individual events organized into 5 major categories - Academics, Exhibits, Athletics, Music, and Platform. Students compete against other Christian school students and win individual awards for their achievements. Schools also win awards by category based on how that school's students did in events within that category.

    GLBA performed better this year than ever before by receiving school plaques in every category:


    1st place Academics            1st place Music


    1st place Platform                1st place Athletics


    3rd place Exhibits


    This is only the second time that GLBA has ever received plaques in every category and the first time that we have received 4 first place finishes and 1 third place finish.


    Congratulations to our student, Catherine Bonaccorsi, for being one of the recipients of the prestigious CAP Award (Communication and Potential Leadership Award)